The company and its branch of business

Established in Estonia in 2004 in order to produce thermal oxygen lances and steel structures B2B Metalworks OÜ is a dynamically developing company that can help you with a variety of tasks. Started manufacturing in rented workshop, several years later in 2018 we initiated erecting of our own production plant just opposite of the existing rented facilities and finished it by the spring of 2019. Though, we are located now on 2672 m2 of our own plot, where from 1500 m2 are asphalted, main production plant has 325 m2 of space, additionally we have 100 m2 storage space and 136 m2 social and administrative compartments.

We are a versatile company having its manufacturing facilities in Kõima village, Audru parish, Pärnu county and offering both products and services. We produce thermal oxygen lances, custom-made turning and milling parts and various light and medium-heavy metal structures.

Thermal Oxygen Lances


Thermal oxygen lance / thermic lance / burning bar is being used for cutting of oversized stainless steel scrap, cast iron scrap or runnings, also as a havy demolition tool and even used to remove seized axles of heavy machinery without damaging the bearings or axle housing. Steel works and foundries use thermal oxygen lances for different tasks as well. The lance is made from welded steel pipe / tube, and several rods made from steel wire are inserted into this tube. Lance is attached to the lance holder, and the holder is connected to a suitable oxygen hose fitted to a high flow rate oxygen supply. In order to ensure, that under pressure of oxygen the wires would not jump out of the pipe, several hits with press machine are made on one spot of the lance on a distance of 150-300 mm from that end of the thermal oxygen lance, that will be attached to the lance holder.

The most widely used thermal oxygen lances are 3 m long and they are made out of the pipe Ø16 mm, where the thickness of the pipe’s wall equals to 1,5 mm. The tube is packed with 21-23 wire rods Ø 2,2 mm through the lengths of 2,9 m. One 16 x 3000 mm lance weighs 3,50 kg.

B2B Metalworks OÜ produces wide range of thermal oxygen lances from Ø6,35 x 600 mm till ½“BSP x 4000 mm, threaded with sockets or without thread. You can find here specification table for the lances we produce -download PDF file below. We are able to produce the lances with maximum length of 4000 mm. 

We offer equipment for thermal oxygen lances: lance holders, oxygen hoses, high flow rate pressure reducers and spare parts. B2B Metalworks OÜ can offer experienced thermal lance operators with all the needed equipment as well. 

Each year we sell 80 000-120 000 lances!

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