B2B Metalworks provides the service of leasing highly skilled workers to our clients for both short-term and long-term projects.

Our team consists exclusively of professionals who have proved their qualification working at our production facilities in Estonia. We carefully select workers for new projects verifying their qualification, professional experience and training. Our clients can thus count on effectively working and experienced personnel.

Our method of work

We will always find what you need.

Depending on the specific character of your company we can provide you with qualified metal cutters, demolition cutters, mechanics, metal workers, certified welders as well as workers for less complex works. Our personnel can be used in companies operating in the branches of recycling, production of metal structures, shipbuilding, ship repair, etc.

We offer the following work specialization

  • Scrap cutters (oxyfuel / gas cutters)

  • Demolition cutters

  • Thermal oxygen lances operators

  • Assemblers of metal structures

  • Metal workers

  • Assemblers of conduits

  • Mounters and dismantlers

  • MAG, MIG and TIG welders

Our workers take on any tasks. For them no “dirty”, “boring” or “unexciting” work exists. They are willing to work and can easily work in shifts or on weekends. When given such an opportunity our workers will be glad to work overtime.

If you choose our personnel you can be sure to have at your disposal diligent workers with extensive experience and professional knowledge, who speak English and rarely take sick leave.

Time limits

After having determined the scope of work we will take care of sending the personnel to your company within a very short time frame. You can lease workers to work at your company for a period extending from several weeks to several years.


We supervise our workers from the first day of work at the client’s company and regularly contact the contracting entity to make sure that the work is being carried out in accordance with the client’s wishes. If necessary, we are always ready to adjust the work of our personnel in such a way as to achieve the result that fully meets the expectations of our client.

Reasonable price

Since our company is located in Estonia we can offer our clients competitive prices for personnel leasing. We offer our service on an “all-inclusive” basis and do not charge any extras above the price agreed with the client. The price includes the transportation of workers, their accommodation, insurance and social security taxes.


We provide our clients with comprehensive information regarding our workers, as well as with A1 (former name E101) forms proving the fact of paying the taxes and social security taxes, and that our workers have medical insurance.

Please feel free to contact us any time for further information, advice or a quotation.